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Hello! [February 28th | 13.58 ]

[ mood | calm ]

(*≧Д≦*) I know lately I am so late with my rotations! Please forgive me!!! m(_ _)m

Nekokumo & I have a bit of headache ! So today's song list includes some happy POP music! So please, come and check the rotation out, OK? (;≧∇≦)

Beginning of MarchCollapse )
Because I had a headache, today I couldn't focus on the rotation much... _| ̄|○

So to get myself forgiven, I came with a hide-special extra's.

Even so, I hope you enjoyed Today's Nekokumo! Stay tuned! (Always wanted to say that ε-(´・`) )
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February! [February 7th | 4.09 ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

A very late Rotation m(。≧Д≦。)m But as I promised, I came with extra's to get myself forgiven. Because I'm having computer problems, I wasn't able to update my rotation earlier! NEKOkoroKUMOnyan is also very sad to have kept you waiting and we wish you to enjoy today's rotation!

Today's Nekokumo~Collapse )

Actually; I had a Business PLUS acount from YouSendIt & I was trying to upload Sendai Kamotsu DVD on it for you guys, but it took 2 days out of me and as it was only 12 hours left, the power got cut off (laugh). And I can't use yousendit (It's a habit), so if any of you want to upload files on it; you can contact to me by my aim; Ryuchanx3, and I'll give you my username and password, so you can use it! I'd hate to see it going to waste! (≧∇≦)/

Thanks for reading Today's Nekokumo's Rotation! ☆ If you comment, you make us happy, but it's also OK if you don't feel like commenting ♪v('∇'*)⌒☆.

The previous rotations have still some left overs, so check them out also!

[just a small irrevelant PS; does anyone know how to upload a forum on a server through FTP?☆ I really really need help (laugh).]
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Apologies! [January 31st | 3.32 ]

[ mood | chipper ]

Oh ~~ I'm so sorry, that I wasn't able to upload here yet, and I promise I'll come back with a nice rotation for you! ~~~ヾ(^∇^)ー♪ To make myself forgiven, I'll post a PV+Mp3 for you, unless you have it, then I'll just have to direct you to the previous rotations for a limited time! I'm just really busy lately, but don't worry, I'll continue (*≧▽≦)

Gackt - Kimi ni Aitakute
PV: http://www.sendspace.com/file/zija78
MP3: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rmd9h9

This song is very pretty! ( ´ ▽ ` ) Actually usually I'm quite scared of Gackt, and dislike his new work, but this song is very nice! So even if you don't like Gackt, try it! The music is slow, and like a ballad, his voice is soft.☆ The PV is cute, it's hard to get the meaning because the whole time he just hangs around in a train station and there's some pretty girl with the ring, without the ring, with the ring, then it's Gackt with the ring...☆☆☆ It actually just looks like a trailer of a lesbian drama movie, but then again, it's sweet so try it! ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ.

In February, I'll come back with gifts, more than 10 songs, so wait! ^_____^//.

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#o3!!! [January 4th | 6.21 ]

[ mood | chipper ]

o(≧∀≦)o First rotation of 2oo7! How was all of your's New Year? Mine was quite tiring & I seemed to have catch a cold that night. Hence the reason why my next rotation was delayed this much, I apologize, I apologize! m(。≧Д≦。)m

NekoKOKOkumoMOMO chose today's rotation! But because I am so ill, I was not quite good at suggesting songs, please forgive me.(。-人-。)

& Past rotation : Previous...

Today's Nekokumo~Collapse )

I apologize for the lameness of the ever so delayed rotation!
Blame it on the cold, please do so!φ(´ω`●)

And I am very happy when I receive comments! They are quite encouraging.
Please do not forget to check the previous rotations, as well! They are still download-able!
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Rotation #o2! [December 26th | 23.16 ]

[ mood | calm ]

Have you seen the user info page already? ヾ(@~▽~@)ノ?

It has NekoKumo-chan as a mascot He's my adopted son. Have you read his story? He is a spider who thinks of itself as a cat! ( =①ω①=) (laugh) I didn't really think of it; I just asked tamerau to help me with my user info- and she draw me a cute spider- and I named him (laugh). (=´∇`=)And gave him a background! He is the Amethyst Spider- see his eyes? But he's a cat. Don't ask me why! Anyway; I just didn't know what to write here so I rambled (laugh).( =⌒∇)ノー♪

Please check my Affiliates there as well! They are amazing & I'm sure you'll enjoy their rotations; just as well!

And because Tewi-kun responded beautifully to my fan-mail, I will start with LARA to my rotation!

& Past Rotation : Previous...

& Future Rotation : Next...
2nd rotationCollapse )

I hope you liked today's rotation! You can use tags if you want to search for a band; too- since I update a lot, every rotation probably is with leftovers!!!
☆ Don't hesistate to ask for a reupload &/or upload on another server just not megaupload!!!
☆ Affiliates? ~~! (^___^)
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Welcome~!!! [December 25th | 18.59 ]

[ mood | chipper ]

o(≧∀≦)o Welcome to Amethyst Spider; another Rotation community to join all those others (laugh). I will update this with 10 songs each time whenever I'm bored (pretty often?). (σ^∀^) I will choose songs from my winamp by putting it on Shuffle- and whatever comes up I'll upload it. The uploads will be on Sendspace, but if you want a reupload on another host, you can comment & I will re upload it (Anything but Megaupload, though, I can not open that site.)(*≧Д≦*)

So without taking the words further (because I suck at them) (Thats why I still don't have a User Info!!!);

& Future Rotation : Next...

First Rotation~Collapse )
This was it for today~!! I hope you liked the rotation? (hides)
Please leave a comment if you download or if you just want to leave a comment !!~
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